The traditional handcrafted formula

Turrones Rey

We maintain the tradition of the production of nougats and sweets existing in the family, as well as the efforts to obtain the very best raw materials in order to provide the greatest quality. Throughout the years we have introduced advances in both the facilities and the production process and improved and/or incorporated new products to adapt to the needs of the clients.

We make traditional nougats with two levels of quality: supreme and extra.
In different weights: 250g, 200g and 150g.

The better known varieties such as the hard and soft nougats have been complemented by other varieties:
Roasted egg yoke, Chocolate, Fruits, Cream with nuts, etc.

We have a range “Sugar-free and one Nougat Portions range.

We use the raw materials with which we make the nougat to offer other sweets called. “Specialities”:

  • Stuffed almonds
  • Marzipan figures
  • Crystallised fruits
  • Caramelised almonds
  • Sugar-coated almonds